Trends in Decoration for the Summer

summer home decors

Summer has finally come! The vivid colors, the sunlight and gentle breezes offer a new warm and exciting life style in summer. Do you want to feel enveloped by this environment in your own apartment? With our tips of decoration for the summer, you’ll feel as if you were on vacation without leaving your home. The paradise in your own home

Let yourself be captivated by the Amazon jungle

One of the trends more fashionable this summer are articles relating to the forest home. Let your imagination fly and do not hesitate to use different colors, fabrics and other materials for an Amazonian touch to your environment. The paper painted with prints of sheet is also a great idea to give you a touch wild to your home. If this option seem too risky, you can choose by a coat of paint in green tones. You can also go for a beautiful blue hue oil or fresh as a brilliant turquoise tones.
Immerse yourself in the tropical atmosphere thanks to new trends in decoration in the style of jungle.
You can decorate the walls with thematic on the jungle illustrations or even photos of your latest tropical vacation. Opt for a selection of elegant, warm tones. You can be inspired at our online store. Not dudes in combine the upholstery, it clothes of bed and cushions for example in tones green with reason ethnic and decant you by materials as the wicker, the raffia or the wood. You will feel as if you were living in the middle of the tropical jungle.

It combines your tropical decor with real memories of your wildest vacation

Brass is a material in vogue this season, that you can integrate seamlessly into your decor. You can find it in different variations: magazine racks, decorative objects, mirrors and many other applications. To give certain tropical notes, includes several baskets of raffia in different sizes in your decoration, success will be secured and in addition you will also serve to keep your things. In terms of the decorative elements, a small Buddha brass, stone or wood be completed perfectly your new universe. Birds, pineapples, musical notes: these elements have inspired numerous experts in decoration and designers, so you have choice in terms of objects and patterns for your decoration.

A garden indoors

In summer, we’d like to spend the longest time possible outdoors. The ideal would be to have a small garden, but not everyone has access to this privilege. However, there is no any reason so we can not enjoy a pleasant environment inside our home, why not transform the kitchen or the living room into a makeshift garden? It is very easy and inexpensive: just place a background wall with floral motifs in green tones, or opt for a vinyl wall with tropical or natural designs.
Create a summery atmosphere in your own home is something very simple and inexpensive: floral motifs will be your allies.
Wooden furniture, combined with decorative objects made of clay or metal give a summery touch to our impromptu indoor garden. Why not dare such a beautiful mango wood Dresser, with boxes of vintage as furniture storage combined with an oil lamp made of metal and a huge terracotta pot to decorate? If you do not have too much budget, you can always opt for DIY to make your own DIY furniture. They will not only be sustainable elements, but that they will fit perfectly into your new indoor garden. To make it still more cozy, you can light it with lanterns colors, wreaths, oil lamps or lanterns.
The correct lighting is a key element in the creation of your new environment: do not hesitate to use candles or LED lamps in warm tones.
And of course we cannot forget a must of the tropical decor: plants! Decorate your space with aromatic herbs, lavender and other beautiful plants. It is very important to take into account the amount of light required by each type of plant in choosing them, since if your interior spaces are rather shadow

Easily Create Your Own Wall Decoration

wall decoration ideas

Six creative ideas for making your wall decoration by yourself

Your wall appears to be bare and boring, but don’t have ideas about what to do with it and do not want to spend much money? We present six creative ideas that will bring more freshness to your home, and give more life to your walls!

Map of the world individual for globetrotters
Would travel is not just one of your favourite hobbies, but that it is also an important part of your life? Then put together all your favourite places and souvenirs directly on your wall! Get your world map personal and use it as a plank of notes. Simply take an old notes plank and cut each continent with the help of a template. If you like the detail, you can also cut the islands you have visited.

You like cats and you can not live without them? Then get those balls of hair in your apartment! No need worry about you by the allergy to the cats with a cat in the pad! If you spent your last vacation on a farm and made beautiful photographs of animals, you can extend your animal paradise with other pets and farm animals. Choose different designs and print them in a blanket – have a zoo in your living room.

A place for souvenirs. Your bulletin board Cork world map-shaped notes.
You can paint the continent or leave it as it is. Then paste it with a silicone gun to one higher plank, a magnetic Bulletin Board or a slate, then hang it on the wall. Only missing the decoration. Mark the places where you’ve been with small pins, small souvenirs, tickets for museums or photography. Now you have all your travel on a card and you can always enjoy your memories.

Notes of Cork Bulletin Board
I like the first idea, but are rather the social type as a GlobeTrotter? Then, can make of form simple, planks individual to your lists of tasks or reminders with corks old of wine!

In the following weeks, collect corks from wine bottles or question in the corner store if you can give some.

Memories of delightful nights. The plank of notes made by yourself with wine corks

Boil the corks before continuing your work to eliminate any unpleasant odor. Then, cut them in two and place them in a straight line or following a model in an MDF board, for example. If you plan to make a real picture with corks, ordering them to make the sketch of your idea. Then paste back of each Cork with a silicone gun and you can have an original notes Bulletin Board for your living room, kitchen or office.

Photo Gallery with network
Latest vacation makes time that have gone and the following are not yet in sight. Again and again look at your photos from your last vacation Beach and long for the Sun, sea and relaxation? To make every day that need to travel more easy, you can do very simple form your own vacation photos gallery. Simply pick up a network in a decoration shop and fasten it to the wall.

Your most beautiful vacation as decoration marina photos – a great value with a network

You don’t need a drill to secure it. With a certain size, the networks are very light and just a couple of nails to hang. Take small clips of clothes that you can find in most of the shops of decoration, and moves your holidays on the beach photos as you want and according to your mood. If you like, you can highlight the photo gallery with small timbers, starfish and small sponges.

Decorating with wall paper
The paper is never scarce and you probably have mountains of old paper at home – or books that you’ll never use. Before you throw away the paper, think if you can recycle it! Wall rosettes are a great idea that is easy to make and are incredibly effective.

Rolled up sheets of old books into a funnel and glue them together to make rosettes – nice and easy

Start some leaves of a book and wrap them in a funnel shape. Close the ends with a little tail. When you’ve done enough funnels glue them all together with glue or silicone gun. With a certain size, it is recommended to close the rosettes with a support circular, a piece of cardboard, for example. Now as you can decorate your wall with them and give your room a new look! Paper rosettes lend themselves particularly well to a coloured walls and are a complement to idea.

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